Wednesday, January 10, 2018



Okay, it's day 10 of the writing challenge.  I'm a little stuck.  So I went back to what I've read and written today so far. 

This book?  It's a great devotional.  It's thoughtful, yet accessible. 

Today, this quote from the book:

"The DNA of joy is thankfulness."  

So What am I thankful for today?


This book came from our professional lending library!  I was so happy to see it was delivered to school today.  I wasn't ready for it though.  It's a reading emergency!  I'm so excited to dig in and read it. 

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The guys at school grilled hot dogs and hamburgers for lunch today.  Outside.  On the grill. 
Yum.  Yes I did leave my very healthy lunch in the lunch box and I ate the hot dog!  I'm not sorry either. 

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I saw my neighbor tonight.  A little kitchen table time is good for the soul.  Get to know some neighbors.  She also shares Herbalife with me, which I like to put in my smoothies. 

It was fun to watch Griffin find a bone to chew.  

What are you thankful for tonight?

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  1. So many reasons to be thankful. Enjoyed reading your post!