Thursday, March 8, 2018

Slice of Life Day Eight: Where I'm From

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It was Decade Day at school.  Because we are nearing the end of Lutheran Schools Week, I cannot put on any more themed clothes thank you very much.  But I could rustle up this 1992 Vintage Cross Country T Shirt. 

I've been thinking about my home town all day.  It had me thinking of where I'm from. 

Fran McVeigh wrote in this format and it was a format I tucked away.

I come from South 6th Street,
Across from the bowling alley
Right in the middle of town
You could walk anywhere
you needed to.
Sometimes we did.

I am the 3rd child of 3.
6-10 years between the rest of us
Enough to sometimes feel like an only.

Born in October
To a Vietnam Vet
And a Mama who loves Math and wanted to be a Teacher.

A family who worked Hard for what we had
I didn't know it wasn't very much
I thought we had everything
Because we had family and friends.

I come from a line of spicy women.
Women who got it done
And said what needed to be said
Because it was the right thing to do.
No time for foolish drama.  Women just support.  They don't scuttlebutt. 

I come from a family that didn't find faith
It found us
In the form of neighbors who cared enough to help us grow it.

I come from a place where love leads
loyalty matters
you honor your faith family and friends
And there is always time to hear the stories again over a cup of coffee.

I come from Central Iowa.
The middle of the Midwest. 



  1. Wonderful slice! I admire your simple truths.

  2. I love this form. I hope it is ok to bookmark and save for later. I will reference your page and the one you included. Thanks so much for sharing!
    -a middle (of nowhere) everything, Missouri girl