Sunday, March 4, 2018

Slice of Life Day Four: A Teacher Needs to Eat.

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Happy Sunday!  How was your weekend?  Lots of resting and gearing up for this week before spring break! 

On Sundays this year, I had been pausing and reflecting on how my family eats together.  It's part of the culture of our family, and I wanted to share some things that have been working for us. 

First, let's start with all these milks.  Yes, about each week we buy 3 different kinds of milk.  I wanted to show you this, because if you are struggling with dietary needs yourself, or with your family, I have come to this conclusion:

Just get what your family needs.  
Our family does best when some people are drinking cow's milk, some do best with rice milk, and some do best with almond milk.  It just works for us.  
It's a little weird.  I know.
But it works for us.  Don't be afraid to do that for your family. 
Also, if you live in Iowa, a little statement:  Hy-Vee was the grocery store that we really settled into when we were buying for food allergies.  The health market was such a blessing, and there was enough variety to get us started.  (Commercial over.)

But sometimes we miss certain foods...

I Love Chinese take out.  But the youngest is getting old enough to realize that we buy different things that he can't eat.  And it bothers him from time to time.  Because we are his family, we eat dinner that he can eat with us 99% of the time.  And that means we had to figure out what we could eat in regards to Chinese take out.  Because we love it, and we knew we could make it work.  

Enter:  Homemade Orange Chicken.  

I started by switching out the chicken.  

Image result for popcorn chicken hyvee

I baked this Tyson's popcorn chicken in our oven, following the package directions.  I did that because Li'l T can eat these and I'm a lazy girl sometimes in the kitchen.  

While this was cooking in the oven, I stirred together equal parts honey barbecue sauce and orange marmalade.  I let this simmer on the stove top about 20 minutes.  

When everything was done cooking, I tossed it together in a glass bowl.  

I also cooked some brown rice, and served everything up!  

Health food?  Definitely not.  

But it cured our need to eat Chinese take out.  

The secret to food allergies?  Find out what you can do.  It makes being in the kitchen a lot more fun!  

Read more about our journey here.   I'm happy to answer questions about our experiences if that is helpful.  



  1. Even without allergies this is important - food preferences can cause a meal to fall apart. I too cater and make a few versions of things. I have two teenage boys and they need to eat. They both would love your Chinese meal -- I just might try it next week. Just get what your family needs is good advice on many levels.

  2. Wow! Homemade orange chicken sounds exciting. Thanks for posting the recipe. Looking forward to trying it.