Saturday, March 3, 2018

Slice of Life Day Three: My Favorite Classroom Management Strategy

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Hi All!

I've been thinking about kids.  All kids.  How do we build relationships with ones who are fragile learners, and how do we build relationships with students that may be harder to connect with? 

Because here is the deal, we are called to teach those children everyday.  It's a high calling.  We do not just want kids to survive school, we want them to thrive while they are there. 

This article talks about the 2X10 strategy as an effective way to promote a positive connection with students that may be harder to connect with.  The premise:  spend 2 minutes each day in discussion with the student for at least 10 days in a row. 

If you do a search on reflections and research around this strategy, you will find that there is usually an upswing in positive behaviors and connections.

For me?  I learn so much about my students when I spend time talking with them.  I have one student this year that I am usually meeting at the door when we both arrive.  As the student is unpacking, I use that time to listen and talk with them.  In that time, I've learned about when they are sleeping and when they aren't, if their dog ate their favorite toy, what toys they have in their backpacks, and what they are eating for lunch or breakfast. 

So much important information to learn from just two minutes.  It has made me more gracious as an educator.  A child's story matters. 

When you take the time to hear a child's story, you are learning such important information so that you will be able to help them in the classroom as well. 

What intentional strategies do you love for connecting with kids?



  1. I have never heard of this strategy, but it does seem to make sense. I have several students I can think off right off the bat, who I just may try this on! Thank you for sharing this.

  2. I have heard of this strategy and have been very interested in trying it with my kids who I am struggling with behavior wise.

  3. Love this -- plan to share it with you. You are so right -- if you don't connect with them you can't teach them. Love this line: A child's story matters.