Friday, March 23, 2018

Slice of Life March Twenty-Three: What I Did Today: A Reverse To-Do List

Have you ever been frustrated because you looked at your to-do list at the end of the day and it wasn't done? 

I mean, I know.  It never is. 

But today as I left, I was frustrated.  My desk was still a mess.  I'm not ready for Monday.  I'll have to go back tomorrow and finish that up.  It's just the way of the work. 

But today I:

  • had a conversation before school around a professional book and learned what was really on the minds of some of my colleagues. 
  • helped students get going on some math as the day started.
  • lead a morning meeting where we are working hard to listen to our peers and stay on topic when we speak to each other.
  • passed out snack.  
  • helped students finish research topics of interest and write paragraphs on them.
  • opened milk cartons and read notes at lunch to my PreK friends.  
  • visited with a colleague 
  • listened to some memory work 
  • cleaned tree sap off a student's ear
  • worked through a math test with friends
  • rearranged furniture in the classroom.
  • taught PE.  Exercises and free play today.
  • dismissed students.
  • set up a book fair with colleagues.
  • visited with more colleagues
  • drove a car full of kids home
  • ate dinner and watched basketball with my Mr.
  • typed a slice!
This makes me feel better when I reflect on what I have done.  Tomorrow is a fresh start to finish two quick jobs at school.  

Tonight?  Rest.  



  1. This is genius and I absolutely cannot wait to try out a reverse to-do list slice...of course, I need it to be on a day where I'm not a slug, but still, wonderful format!
    Thank you for focusing on what you did accomplish!

  2. Love the did list and calling it out as a reverse to do list. Great frame.