Friday, March 2, 2018

Slice of Life Day Two: Let's Party!

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Hi Friends!  Head over to where Leigh Anne is and see what the party is all about.  I love that I learn so much about each of you when I participate in this writing.

And I knew that starting a Slicing journey with Friday as day two, I had planned a party-esque post.  So here we go.

Favorite book:  This is a hard one of course.  Just one?   Okay.  I'm going with Refugee by Alan Gratz.  This was one of my last books read in 2017, and I still think about it.  Such a powerful read.  

Favorite person:  I've got people.  I affectionately call them Doris.  (But there are two of them.)  Amy and Tia bring wit and wisdom and and Joy with them everywhere they go.  I'm so glad they are my people and they are coming too, because a few things are going to happen.  You are going to learn and be reminded of how much you are loved.  You are going to laugh.  Loudly.  You are going to learn something you haven't learned before.  

Favorite food or beverage:  It's Fish fry season people.  I'll bring you some Hush puppies from the catholic church across town.  I really wanted to just get a plate of hush puppies last week.  But that would have been weird.  I'll also bring you some fish tacos and a cider beer to wash it down.  

Favorite song:  Ooh.  Another hard one.  In my family we are a dancing in the kitchen kind of people.  On heavy rotation right now is, I Just Need U by TobyMac.  What's funny is my 13 year old has started to bring up songs at just the time I need to hear them.  He's so cool.  

Surprise:  I'm bringing you all a puppy.  A well-trained, playful when you want him to be, but cuddly when you need that too, puppy.  

Let's Party!  If you decide to participate let me know!  I would love to see what you bring! 


  1. I LOVE hush puppies and it's been years since I've had any. Maybe I'll have to join you at that fish fry!

  2. Yay! My first attendee! I remember reading your posts about your two Dorises (is that how I spell that?) and I do remember your dancing in the kitchen posts! I have Refugee, but have not read it yet. and speaking of puppies, have you read Good Dog by Dan Gemeinhart? I just finished it last night. I think you would like it! Thanks for accepting my invitation!

  3. Yes to the hush puppies please! This Southern girl hasn't had hush puppies since she left the south 25 years ago! And the real puppy sounds fun too, especially if someone else trains him first! I love the inspiration that a post like Leigh Anne's provides. I've got that one in my back pocket for later in the month too.