Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Slice of Life Day Twenty One: 3 Memories and What I Learned About My Family.

Last week we spent so much time looking at pictures on the farm.  So many memories.
I loved every minute of it. 
Mom cut our old boyfriends out of the family history.  She cracks me up. 
Here are copies of 3 pictures I have with me now. 

This is still pretty much me.  A cute skirt with a t-shirt.  I can guarantee I'm wearing Keds sneakers.  Just a girl who wants her chocolate pie at Thanksgiving.  :)

I Love my Dad so much.  (Mom too!)  This picture sums up childhood.  A lot of fun.  We laughed.  A lot.  By the way, that tie?  It's Mauve.  Not Pink.  

This was my first dog, Pepper.  She was a rescue lady.  I knew I could marry my Mr.  when I brought him home, and she didn't bite him.  She was very protective and would snap at you if she thought you intruding too much.  

I also learned my Grandpa had a brother who died of pneumonia his senior year in high school.  The news article was heartbreaking.  But as we were going through these memories, I'm so glad that my Grandmothers kept articles and pictures and albums.  It filled in some more of my story.  Hang on to yours.  


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