Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Slice of Life Day Fourteen: Abide: My Favorite Places at Home.

My One Word for the year?  Abide

I've been considering what this really looks like. 

How do I abide at home?  In one of my favorite spots, our living room.

I sit here a lot to work.  To rest.  When I can't sleep.  When I can't stay awake.  I love comfy pillows and soft blankets.  

This one.  I write and Instagram about him a lot.  But he will snuggle up every time.   Even today I'm writing sideways on the couch to accommodate his need to be on my lap.  He will paw and scratch at the laptop to get it out of the way.  I know.  It's bad manners.  But he's little and cute.  

So we don't have a dining room anymore!  We use that space for reading, writing, and studying.  Below the window is a sitting space for writing and drawing.  

My 13 year old lingers here to put together puzzles.  I was worried that he would stop working on creative projects when he got his phone.  He hasn't.  

There's a kid under that blanket.  Lots of room for snuggling and sitting.  Although I'm trying to work out a way to get one more arm chair in this room.  

My Must Read in 2018 is close by.  

And an end table for books, coffee, and writing.  It occasionally holds dinners, for when we "picnic."  

With my family close by, what else could I need?

Where do you abide?


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  1. I have different furniture, but the same cozy spots - especially blankets on couches. Our dining room table is basically cut in half (because we still eat at ours!) with all of our stuff. Two teachers in the house can get pretty messy! Abide is a wonderful word.