Saturday, March 24, 2018

Slice of Life Twenty Four: My Mr.

I'm not sure I'm going to be able to do this without sounding like a sap, but I need to tell you about my Mr.  Because he's awesome.  And if you knew us personally, you know that me writing a blog post about him is both weird and groovy at the same time.  Because we aren't really sappy folk who publicly declare things.  But yet, he is so cool, I can't help but celebrate a bit.  Here's why:

This picture.  He's actually "shushing" me as we speed down the highway.  We were listening to Blue Oyster Cult and I was ready to play my cowbell, only I came in too early.  So, while he looks intent on driving, he was actually coaching me on when to come in when it was time to play.  

"You always know just what to say."  
I emailed him those words after my expectations of an event were turned upside down.  We needed to hold to our schedule, but wanted to extend hospitality where we could.  He sent this email that was thoughtful, funny, and to the point. 

"I'll type.  You talk."
He said those words to me when I was sobbing in a heap on our couch.  It was time to advocate, but it needed to come from him.  I didn't even have the strength to advocate.  So he did.  But had the tables been turned?  I would have done the same for him.  

"I need you to stop, his belt buckle is going to rip."
Words I said today as we were trying to hang a life-sized MLB player Fathead in our 9 year old son's bedroom.  And he immediately stopped what he was doing.  When we do house projects, he listens.   I know it sounds stero-typical around gender, but when I visit with my friends, I know that all Mr's don't take input when it's house project time.  He does.  That's cool.

"Let me help with dinner.  Bring your laptop and tell me what to do."
I was working on report cards, writing, and planning.  But I was also trying to manage dinner.  (Homemade stir-fry and egg rolls)
So he took over, while I multi-tasked (I know you aren't supposed to) and coached him through dinner.  

We just make a good team.  We laugh.  A lot.  My prayer for you is you have a person like Mr.  Maybe it's a dear friend, sibling, neighbor, or someone else!   Whoever it might be, celebrate your teamwork!  


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