Monday, March 12, 2018

Slice of Life Day Twelve: What Is Being Read.

Friends.  Are you familiar with the March Book Madness Bracket?

I use the picture book one, because I'm in first grade.

This year my heart sung a little because a second grader asked if we were going to hang the bracket in the hallway at school.

We did.

I'll spare you the pictures, because the tape won't stick, and it is driving me crazy.  But it's up!

After we started reading these books, we've been having some great conversations. 

But this book:


Friends.  I have a class of kids who want to love kindness and act justly.  Currently we are tying fleece blankets for the homeless with a grant I received. 

But after we read this book, they had so many questions about helping people who don't have clean water.  So much so, I had to slow them down to remind them to we'll finish the project we are on! 

So, I'm researching and looking at ways that they can help.

Do you know of organizations that kids (first graders) can connect with and serve by providing clean water?  Leave some comments below and I'll start my research.  :)

Spring break is off to a slow start here.  Some time in the walk in clinic for my 13 year old (viral) slowed us down.  So I'm off to start a cleaning project. 



  1. There's an organization called the Water Project that has lesson plans for grades K-12. Here's link:

  2. I do not have a resource to share but I want to commend your effort at showing children how to find out about things they can care about and make a difference about. I plan on reading this book!

  3. This post just shows how the impact of reading can affect us and call us to make a difference. I wish you the best with the project. I know whatever you end up doing, your students will always remember it.