Friday, March 9, 2018

Slice of Life Day Nine: A Commercial

Screen Shot 2017-12-02 at 6.09.23 AM

Man we love this puppy.  He's two years old.  He just had his birthday in February.
A rescue pup.  We know Mama was a terrier, like Toto from the Wizard of Oz.
Overall, I'm an "Adopt, Don't Shop" kind of girl.  Dogs have stories too, you know.  

We're pretty sure Dad was a Papillion.  Just look at those ears.  (That need some grooming!)

Currently, he's curled up on my lap as I type sideways.  He's just stubborn enough to fit right in.  

You might notice as you look at his right eye, it looks a little odd.  

About one year ago, we let him in the backyard to run.  He Loves to chase squirrels.  

It was then that he ran into a fallen branch and lost sight in his right eye.  

That was some journey.  It was so laborious at the time.  
3-4 eye drops, 6 or 7 times a day.
An e-Collar for 6 weeks.  
No playing outside.  (Did I mention he's a terrier?)

I could write and write about how the vets took care of him.  How I'm located close to the Iowa State University Veterinary Med school, and how Griffin got the best care we could give him.   Now, it was a Monday.  It was after dinner.  Of course we are talking emergency room vets and an ophthalmologist from the university.

How did we do that?

This is where I give a little commercial about our pet insurance from Trupanion.  

Because we had this insurance, we were able to attempt to save his eye sight.  Trupanion was great.  The night my husband was driving to the university, they pre-approved everything over the phone with me.  And they were so patient.  By the time we got around to calling them, I was fried emotionally.  They were so kind.  We were also able to recover about 1/2 of what we paid financially for this endeavor.  

Why would I be so excited about slicing on pet insurance?  Because it allowed us to care for our puppy, who was only 1 year at the time.  Weird things happen, and it allowed us to be somewhat ready.  

Now, Griffin doesn't want you to feel sorry for him.  He's thriving and getting all the snuggles and love a puppy could want.  

"Hey Mom, where are the lessons about dogs?"

Li'l T declared that Griffin makes the best piano practicing partner.  

This past Halloween, he was thrilled to be dressed up as a pirate.  

If you are thinking of getting a puppy, and have questions, I'm happy to answer them.  



  1. Kendra- This is an important post. Several years ago, I had to put a dog down because I didn't have pet insurance and couldn't afford $10,000 stomach surgery. I was so, so, so sad. Thanks for this reminder!

  2. Awe. What a sweetheart. After all the vet bills we've paid over the last few years, I think I might have to take your commercial to heart! :-)