Thursday, January 16, 2014


My husband and I are celebrating our eleventh anniversary today.  The white-out conditions here in Iowa means that he left work almost three hours ago and still isn't home.  (Usually it takes about 20 minutes.)  Meanwhile, I am going on Day 2 of laryngitis.  No voice.  We didn't have big plans, but I thought how fitting it was.

There is very little about our wedding that went as I planned, but it worked out even better.  Our wedding was truly about our love and commitment to each other.  We were married in something of hurry, in response to my husband's National Guard deployment.  In less than a week, my mom and sister, while I was recovering from surgery, planned a wedding.  We were married on a Thursday night (right before our pastor left on an anniversary cruise) in front of fifteen members of our amazing family who flew in from around the country during a snowstorm.

Cake at my mom's house after the ceremony
There is very little about our life that went as I planned, but it is has worked out even better.  Happy anniversary!

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  1. Sounds just like life:-) Hope your husband gets home safely, hope you feel better soon, and congratulations!