Monday, January 27, 2014

#nerdlution: The Sequel

I learned a lot during #nerdlution Round 1, prompting me to declare mission accomplished on January 20.  Blogging became a habit.  (One I abandoned last week, but I'm blaming that on too many after-school commitments. Anyhoo...I'm getting back on track.)  Although my goal focused only on blogging, I began doing a Plank-a-Day challenge on January 2.  On Day 25, I can now plank for over 3 minutes, compared to 20 seconds of sheer torture when I first started.
This approach of setting a daily goal and focusing on making it a habit seems to be working for me.  Enter #nerdlution Round 2.  Last time, I suffered from Goal Envy.  I wanted to make sure history didn't repeat itself, so I read many of the posts from my PLN about #nerdlution today.  But, as I reflected on other people's goals, which I would surely benefit from (organizing, writing, random acts of kindness, swearing off Diet Pepsi...really I should do them all), I also thought about where I'm at right now.  One of the unintended consequences of blogging more is that I am reading more.  But, after watching last week's schedule demolish my reading and writing time, I know that I need to make an effort to be purposeful about reading time between now and Spring Break.

Goal #1: Read 1.32 books from my GoodReads to-read list every day.  Essentially, I want to read half of the 132 books on my list before St. Patrick's Day.  I also want to do this without purchasing a single book, meaning my library card is going to be getting a workout.  

Goal #2: Finish Plank-a-Day and begin another core-strengthening challenge.  (I'm open to suggestions...I found Plank-a-Day through Twitter.)

Bring on #nerdlution Round 2!

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