Tuesday, January 7, 2014

A Slice of Life-It's Cold Outside! (And I'm Looking at Books...Again)

I found this while lingering on blogs one morning.  I found this link to the Two Writing Teachers and it immediately linked me to some amazing writers and bloggers:

We've experienced two days of "Cold Days" resulting in no school.  Yesterday was good.  We did this:  

And this:

And some of this:  

Today is our second snow day. It's 9:00 am.  We're a little stir-crazy and I'm starting to hear this phrase a lot in a brotherly tone, "Please Stop!!!"  So I'm insisting on a trip to the library.  And we came back with this:

Yes, Huge Stacks of Books.  See any good ones?  It was awesome to watch my 5 year old actually take the time to browse through the library and pick books out.  In the middle of one of the stacks you can see a children's cookbook-he loves being my "Sous-chef" or "Shoe-Chef" in his words when I'm in the kitchen.  

These two books really caught my attention, so I wanted to highlight them.  They are fairly new, 2013 publish dates, so new to me for sure!  
In this counting book, Musk Ox and Zebra are trying to simply count to 10 with shenanigans along the way.  This book is hilarious.

This book is a simple science book.  A great book for inquiry or to feed a child's curiosity about animals.
So the sun is out and we are headed back to school tomorrow.  It's now time for me to review lessons and graduate work for a bit.   I love that our day was spent looking at these books and reading.  A great slice of life indeed.  

How many days have you spent out of school due to weather?  Any?  I would love to hear how you spend your days!

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