Saturday, January 25, 2014

Celebrate! Week of January 25th

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As January drags on, this will prove to be an excellent topic to blog about each week.  This took a little more reflection this week, but indeed there are things to celebrate!

1.  Basketball.  

This is a sport that is really bringing our family together.  The boys have an Uncle who is coaching basketball here in the Midwest.  We love cheering him on when we can in person, but usually our cheering happens via Twitter.  He had a great win last night, and the boys were so excited!  I then had the chance to take my youngest to a high school game, and watch our local girls remain undefeated in an overtime nail-biter!  It was so fun to be with my youngest.  He's really picking up on the game, and spent the night watching the score board, noticing free throws, and starting to pick up on when to cheer.  Our oldest is playing basketball, and this year he's playing full court for the first time.  It's been fun to watch him grow as a player, and we love the organization that he's involved in.  

2.  Being Industrious.

So my husband has been working every weekend in the month of January.   Oh, was I weary this week when I considered him taking off for work again this Saturday. It's necessary for his job, and I know he's ready to be done too.   However, when I look around, I've had to use that time to keep our boys engaged in life, or they would happily Kindle the month away.  :)  So we have been using this time to work on projects around the house and in my classroom.  It's kept things running smoothly.  And while sometimes it feels like a drag and monotonous, it sure feels good when you sit down to relax and things are actually completed and finished.  We've stayed on top of things this month, which is a good feeling.  

3.  Friends

I had a chance to be with some friends in this past week.  From pizza, to margaritas (just one please), to laughing out loud again and again to cupcakes to a therapeutic exchange of stories (read screaming, laughing, and several conversations taking place at once), the time I spent with my friends was such a blessing!  I sure do celebrate them!  

So, even in the depths of January there is still much to celebrate!  What are you celebrating this week?  

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