Sunday, January 19, 2014

A Reflection on #nerdlution...or Random Thoughts by Kendra on Dusting Off Our Blog...

Almost 50 days ago, this hashtag popped up on Twitter, #nerdlution.  As I'm looking through my text messages,the short story is I see that on December 1st, Annie and I agreed to dust off the blog.  My original plan was to blog everyday for 50 days.  Here's what went down and what I've learned:

At first, I was blogging everyday.  It was exciting and fun, and that was awesome.  My posts were completely random and I waited for inspiration each day.  :)  Then Christmas break happened.  At that point, I knew I would be breaking the 50 days in a row challenge.  I didn't feel bad about that.  I have some strong feelings about unplugging and not letting work consume me over break.  (Even though I love it, I do treat blogging as a part of school--the part I do after hours--so I set limits on when it goes off. There were still devices, but I didn't worry about taking the time to write when I was in any kind of rural setting and with family.)

One day, as the snow flew, and the tea and coffee was flowing freely (along with cupcakes), Annie and I had an opportunity to meet and discuss organization of the blog.  (We've also stayed in touch more, which is awesome too!)  From that discussion on, I feel like there's been more purpose and direction with our little blog.  I sketch out a tiny plan each week, and try to stick with it as best as I can.  If a story pops up, I share it with you!

I've really enjoyed linking with other sites that are established.  It's allowed me to connect with some of you.  That's been my favorite part.  Your writing has inspired mine.  Thanks for that.

I've been encouraged to try to seek out more literature for my students.  I've read more myself.

I've learned, I don't Need to blog everyday if I really don't feel like I don't have something to say.  But #Nerdlution has shown me how to look for stories in the everyday and share them.  There are stories to share, and there is time.

Blogging has allowed me to sort through the 50 million ideas, thoughts, and concepts I carry in my mind, like most educators do.  I've seen some projects in my classroom from start to finish faster than if I would have not had an outlet to organize my thoughts.  If my thoughts resonate with you, and we can connect over that, then that's exciting to me.

Connecting with you has been my favorite part, and I hope it continues.

I saw today there is going to be a round two of #nerdlution.  I'm pondering and creating some ideas for what that might be.  But this hashtag has inspired some cool changes in the way I process my teaching.  Thanks #nerdlution!

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