Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2014 Goals

I am not a big one for New Year's resolutions.  For change to take place in my life, I find that I cannot make a grandiose declaration.  Goals are a different story.  Goals seem more manageable, allow me to make small, gradual changes, check things off the to-do list.  Oh, the joy of crossing something off the to-do list!
  • Read more books.  There will a number or reading challenge attached to this goal, but I haven't decided what it is yet.  Without a classroom of my own, I haven't read as much middle-grade or young adult fiction.  I want to do more of this.    
  • Post something "meatier" on the blog at least once a week.  I am discovering that I haven't completely left behind my inner first-grade writer, and I often default to writing lists.  I would like to write some book reviews, classroom ideas, reflections, etc. for the blog. #nerdlution has helped me to make blogging a habit, so this is the next step going forward.
  • Run 814 miles.  I had hoped to run 1,000 miles in 2013, but injuries prevented that.  Realistically, I probably won't be able to run 1,000 in 2014 either.  (Here's looking at you, 2015!) I ran 768.97 miles in 2013, so my goal is basically to top that.  
    The official tally from my Nike+ app
  • Develop some type of strength training routine.  I need to step out of my exercise comfort zone (read as: running/walking).  I'm hoping to try some different programs and find something that works.
One Word
As I have watched Twitter over the last few days, I have been following the one-word tweets that seem to be popping up everywhere.  As I read each one, I kept thinking, "well, I need that one, too!"  I think I have finally settled on a word that seems to fit.  Strong.  2013 was filled with many blessings, but it was also a year filled with personal sadness and challenges.  Going into 2014, I know there are going to be forces and pressures, many outside of my control, in the year ahead.  I want to be strong and handle challenges with grace.  Physically, I want to rebuild what I lost last year and recommit to healthy habits, such as taking a multivitamin everyday, that make me strong.  Professionally, I want to make stronger connections, both with colleagues locally and in my PLN.  Blogging and doing more than lurking on Twitter/other people's blogs is part of this.

Happy New Year!



  1. I mean... We can be Strong together! Look up the definitions for strong, it's pretty awesome. Love it, and I have the borrowed copy of the One Word book if you want to see it. Super Easy read.
    I seriously can't stop giggling...

  2. Strong is a good word, and I like the qualifier of "handling challenge with grace," too. Good luck.

  3. Love your post and your word. We are new to OLW so you inspired us to give it go. Now we need to think of our word…

  4. Annie,
    I'm impressed by your miles. I'd hardly make a goal to drive 1000 miles. I can't believe how far you have run this year --- especially with an injury. I'd say you are already strong, but may your word help you build strength.


    1. Thanks for your kind words, Cathy! I found lots of inspiration in your "round-up" of the OLW posts.