Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Slice of Life Week of January 28th

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So I'm lingering on some blogs this morning, and this post from Clare at Assessment in Perspective pops up.  It was so inspiring.  (A sidebar-- My Tuesdays seem to be inspired by everyone's blogging.  Keep up the good work.)  :)

And it reminded me that we have this book in our library bag by Peter Reynolds:

In this book, Leo is working hard to be industrious.  In his quest to get his to-do list done, he begins to multiply until there are 10 Leos!  Yet, they never seem to be finished!  When Leo finally slips away to take a nap and dream, the other Leos become indignant and leave!  Leo reminds us all that doing less is best, and there is time to dream.  

I thought about this book all day long.  It was a great reminder in the middle of winter, when I'm trying to be strong and industrious, there is time to dream!  Tonight I chose writing, reading, and relaxing because there is time.  As I kept a "reverse" to do list (what have I already accomplished), it was a great reminder that a lot happened today and it's time to dream and relax.  

Doing less.  Dreaming more.  When I consider my One Little Word, this fits right in.  Strong doesn't have to always mean industrious.  Strong can mean being established enough to understand that it is time to stop and dream a bit.  

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