Monday, January 6, 2014

It's Monday! What Are You Reading?

Happy Monday!  I hope you are staying safe if you are home, and enjoying your time back with your students if you are at school.   A few random thoughts before I share my list for the week:

1.  I'm learning as a blogger, I need to slow down.  As I reread blogs I've posted, I'm learning I need to spend more time editing before I publish.  Because I use this blog to share ideas and process my "teacher mind", I'm not always thinking about "published" writing when I blog.  Thanks for your patience with this as I edit after the fact.  In order to keep that elusive balance, I've been choosing family time over editing.  

2.  No school today.  My boys were confused at first.  We've started back to school, so we've been working a bit to get into a routine.  When I announced we would be (in their words) "doing stuff," they were thrown off a bit. (Read not blowing the day away with screens.)  But pretty soon I found them doing this:
He kept reading after I said he could be done.  I usually don't set a time, but did today just to jump start him.  And it worked.  

I'm thankful we have this figured out! We can be creative and engage in something else other than our screens!  

So it's Monday!  We had two days of school last week.  Here's what we read at school:
We used an old favorite to review and discuss making connections.  It was great for the students to apply this skill to a book that they love.

Another old favorite in my class.  We practiced the skill of cause and effect with this book.  Using books they love has really improved our conversations.  I'm so glad that I've been given this reminder.

We've been using inquiry notebooks all year.  This book was a great springboard for discussions about how to record ideas.  We also had fun with it and enjoyed discussing why you would NOT want to try this at home.

Our Media Center Specialist read this book to us.  The kids loved making connections to The Three Billy Goats Gruff.  
They really enjoyed hearing this book.

A classic.  It's on my desk to read because a student brought it in and begged me to.  Who would say no to that?

And our family edition:

The boys are reading:

Li'l T has been sweet talking the media center support staff into letting him check out books after school.  We have a JRT, so he chose this one.

My oldest finished this book this week.  When I asked him about it, I recieved a response and gleam in his eye, "Mom!  I'm not going to tell you all that!  You'll need to read it."  Well played son.  Well played.

Li'l T received these books for Christmas.  He's been hauling them everywhere around the house and plopping down to read them at random times.  Love it.

An old favorite.  My youngest is really enjoying it.

My reads for the week.  I'm loving Reading in the Wild.  I'm working to finish it so I can participate in the chat.  Orange is the New Black isn't my favorite.  I'm not abandoning it because I'm enjoying Piper's voice.

What are you reading?  Happy Monday!

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