Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Finding the Unexpected (#nerdlution Day 2)

I was able to sneak in an outdoor run today.  Running outside in December in Iowa is rare.  This morning of low temperatures above 37 degrees was completely unexpected.  To be honest, it felt too good to be true.  I savored every second and ended up running more than I have in months.  Because of an injury, I am paying the price for it tonight with a very sore joint.  It was worth it.  

Perhpas the universe is trying to tell me something because finding unexpected time keeps emerging in conversation.  After reading about "reading on the edge" -- "sneaking precious minutes here and there" -- in Donalyn Miller's Reading in the Wild, I have been thinking about how this translates beyond students' independent reading.  Our district adopted new reading materials this year.  Philosophically, I'm on the same page, and I believe that the materials will enhance student learning. But with a focus on materials implementation, time is especially tight.  For example, finding adequate time to confer with students or teach students how to have meaningful book club discussions is challenging for some teachers.  How can we find moments in our day to (fill in the blank)?  If we think about our priorities and keep on the lookout, we can find those moments.   


  1. Friend! I'm so glad you are running again! That is an Awesome Run! Yay!
    We must chat school soon, I was sitting out among the kids yesterday for the first time in awhile having these conversations and conferences over books. And I was thinking about how it felt like I was stealing time from my day! (I should read her book..) The materials have been great-I'm also getting students into text levels that I thought would never happen! Good stuff! Thanks for blogging with me!

    1. Perhaps we need to bring back our professional book club! I think we would have wonderful conversation around Reading in the Wild. It speaks to our passion for creating lifelong readers and learners.

  2. Professional book club--Yes! Let's discuss. I'll start by ordering this book.