Sunday, December 1, 2013


So, the story is I’m reading “the Twitter” like I do before bed.  My PLN is buzzing with this hash tag, and I go to check it out.  And now I’m hooked.   And it’s past my bedtime.  So naturally, I texted Annie and Jillian to see if they were in, and began writing immediately.  
Late this summer, 3 friends launched a blog.  Then school started.  Here ended the blog, except for a few therapeutic posts from me. Life just happened.  First graders needed their teachers during the day, our families needed us at night.  So we talked about the blog.  We just didn’t use the blog. We are still talking and challenging each other.  #nerdlution was the inspiration that I needed to continue to record the ideas that we share.  
But, I’m in my school groove, and I've been swirling ideas for blog posts in my head.  Over the next 50 days, I commit to writing Something on our blog.  This might include:
                *What I’m eating.  (I do love my kitchen.)
                *What’s going on at school?  (I have super colleagues; we still have things to say about instruction and classroom practice!)
                *What I’m reading. (School and Non)
                *What’s up today?  (Could be fun, I teach first grade!  I also live in a house of boys, and I have a dog.  Brace yourself.)
                *What I’m thankful for. (Lots)
                *What I’m running on/in/through/under/etc. (Will also hold me accountable to run, if I’m blogging a bit about it.)
                *What I’m wondering about.  (My firsties are loving their inquiry notebooks.  I need to share my wonders—on my blog.) 

So #nerdlution, I’m committing to putting Something on our blog every day for 50 days.  Here we go.  

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