Monday, December 2, 2013

Winter Workout

#nerdlution is in full effect.  I'll start with one school thought I had while running.  But I'm mainly going to blog about running and working out tonight.

Today one of the most confirming things happened to me as an educator.  I was sitting and conferencing among the children during math.  A parent walked in and couldn't find me, and we laughed about how I was blending right in.  A true learning community was taking place at that moment in time.  And it felt great!  More on how I run my math block another time.

Now then, as I was running tonight with my 5 year old and 9 year old, I was trying to formulate ideas for math instruction and what I'm cooking in my kitchen.  But my thoughts kept coming back to running and what working out in the winter looks like for me.

I've been training in the summer for a local half marathon for several years now.  The half is really my sweet spot, long enough to be accomplished, not so long that my family combusts under the weight of training.  I keep chasing a certain time, and have the opportunity to try again next year.   My favorite part of being a runner is my sons have taken up an interest in running.  So tonight I head out on a 3 mile run and in the first mile awesomeness happens.  As the three of us are holding hands, running up a hill in the neighborhood; Big Brother is cheering on Li'l Brother.  Li'l Brother is screaming at the top of his lungs, "I Can Totally Do This!  We're climbing Sidewalk Mountain!"

After one mile, Li'l Brother announced he was done, and Big Brother and I had the chance to run 2 more miles together.  I loved hearing his thoughts on homework, You Tube, and friendships.  I hope he wants to run with me lots in the next couple years.  He was gracious enough to stay with me tonight because it was dark.  :)

Nighttime runners.  

I've attached a copy of my winter workout schedule.  I enjoy having the flexibility to be more relaxed in what I'm accomplishing in regards to my fitness.  I've given myself some choices in getting activity in each day, with some rest built in as well.  The workouts aren't fancy, if you are a fitness guru, my apologies for it's rough layout.  I'm just a girl putting together what works for me!  Some ideas are adapted from various resources, and working through trial and error in classes and workout sessions with a trainer.  The 6X4 minute workout is one of my favorites from a book entitled, Train Like A Mother: How to get Across any Finish Line-and Not Lose your Family, Job, or Sanity.  The book is by Sarah Bowen Shea and Dimity McDowell. If you are a runner, I highly recommend this book.  It was a great guide as I was training this summer.

A rough workout schedule for the winter months.  
What does your schedule for working out look like?  And what else am I blogging about for 50 days?

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