Wednesday, December 4, 2013

What Are You Reading?

One of my #nerdlutions could have been to try to finish a novel a week.  I love sitting down with a good book.  Here are a few pictures of stacks of books I can't wait to get to.  My sister and a sister in law  are awesome at sharing titles when they are finished.  I try to return the favor.  If you see a title you love in my stacks, shout it out, and I'll pull it out next.

On my book shelf.  There's a whole row behind this stack.  

And a row behind this stack.  

And a row behind this stack.  

These are my husband's favorite.  Our son's name came from these books, and I haven't read them yet!  

More treasures.  
I'm currently reading these two books.

I am loving this book!  It is taking me longer to get through than I thought it would.  
Such a fun read.  I can't wait to see if Alice ever remembers!  
 I'm trying to read about 20-30 minutes a day for pure enjoyment.  Of course I have a stack of professional reads as well.  That's for another post.  How much do you read for enjoyment?

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