Monday, December 2, 2013


It is a running joke in my family that it wouldn't be Thanksgiving if someone in our house wasn't sick.  I can't remember the last Thanksgiving break where we were all healthy the entire five days.  This year looked promising until Thursday evening.  However, being laid up for about 24 hours gave me extra time to lurk on Twitter and catch the conversations marked the beginning #Nerdlution.  I pondered the idea of a blogging #nerdlution most of the weekend, but I kept talking myself out of it.  A text from Kendra sealed the deal.  I'm in!

The reason(s) I tried to talk myself out of #nerdlution are the exact reasons why I need it.  I am a creature of habit, but writing and blogging hasn't become a part of my routine (yet).  I never miss a morning run/walk barring serious illness/injury.  I carve out and protect this time because it is important.  I need to create this habit with writing and move beyond my reluctant writer tendencies.  While I'm confessing, I also need to admit to being a Twitter/blog lurker.  (Exhibit A is documented above.)

Here it goes...
I will post daily to our blog or comment on someone else's blog.


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