Wednesday, December 18, 2013

If We're Being Honest...

As I consider my Slice of Life post from yesterday; I was reflecting on how good it was. Today was not.  It was hard.  Really hard.  School was hard.  After school was hard.  Picking up my kids was hard.  Get in my stretchy pants and eat my kitchen hard.  (I didn't--I ran instead, but I do love a good snack.)  Yelled at my own kids hard.  Called my husband and cried at the end of the day hard.  Nothing extraordinary happened, just layers of challenges that finally caught up with me by the end of the day.

If I'm being honest with my story, this is part of it.  Today I wanted to crawl under the table and stay there. After some tears, a run, and some dinner, things started to look up.  I sat and listened to some music for a bit.  (I love Chris Tomlin's Christmas Album!)  I am watching some "Mary Poppins" as I type this.  (I Love This Movie.  Almost as much as I love snacks.) An early bedtime is scheduled.  Things are getting better.

And then I remembered that earlier today I wanted to share this with you:  (Side note-why are my pictures seemingly rotating on their own?  I saved them as a jpeg file, and they were the rotated the correct way until I uploaded them here.  I fiddled a bit, but then stopped because I can still tell a story with upside down photos.)

I received the nicest email from a parent asking if her daughter could bring this book in.  She was so excited!  The kids giggled and really enjoyed this book.  

Today, this book came in from a student.  We read it after a recess.  Again, I was excited to see the engagement from all the students.  It also lead to a great discussion about fairy tales that we have read.

This child has learned he has something to say in writing.  He is writing to a staff member in our building.  "What kind of books do you have now?  We need a good book to read."  My heart melts.  

So, there was a moment in the day where it wasn't so bad.  :)  "Today was a difficult day.  Tomorrow will be better."  -Kevin Henkes


  1. That is how it goes. I woke up this morning out of whack. I think it was due to things that add up and then catch up with us. Good and bad days happen. The trick you got down though is seeing the good within all of the not so good and knowing that tomorrow is an opportunity for good.