Friday, December 6, 2013

Screen Free Saturday

So Wednesday night I’m enjoying dinner with my family.  I’m chatting with my 9 year old about the teachers I follow on Twitter.  Out of the blue he announces we should go screen free on Saturday.  No Twitter, No Facebook, No Blogging, No Email.  With his adorable and charming smile, he announces that his mom and dad might be using them too much.  A sheepish mom and dad agreed.  What an awesome discussion ensued.  What about TV?  (We decided yes with some limits.)  What if I want to work out and listen to music?  Can I use my phone with its playlist?  (Yes, but no cheating…) 
I’m taken aback at his gentle, yet direct way of saying he needed screen free time with his mom and dad.  He never fails to amaze me. Even when he comes to me and asks for family pictures to share and treats for the class for that day.   So we started making plans.  They include:
                Breakfast out on the town
                Christmas shopping
                Updating photo albums
                Cleaning out some drawers
                We can take our family to have a local experience.  Our science center, art center, and several libraries are close by. 
                A run/exercising
                A little school work-screen free of course!

So-I’ll blog twice on Sunday, so the rule follower in me will stay caught up with my #nerdlution!  Have a lovely Saturday.   


  1. What a lovely reason not to blog tomorrow. Have fun for #screenfreesaturday !

  2. Too cute and a great reminder that screen balance is needed -- for adults too!