Thursday, December 19, 2013

Lego Fun

Several years ago, Kendra and I started a Lego Club at my previous school through Community Education.  We were inspired by the Lego Club at another building, which was inspired by the article "Block Party: Legos in the Library" from School Library Journal.  We read aloud a book based on a weekly theme, brainstormed creations, and spent most of our time imagining and building.  Kendra and I used our read aloud to expose our first and second graders to new themes and books, particularly nonfiction, from our school library.  At the end of each session, we would do a gallery walk or take pictures of students' creations.  From our standpoint as teachers, it was incredible to see our students in a different setting with complete freedom to create.  Lego Club was also offered at Big B's school this fall.  I jumped at the chance for him to create and collaborate with his peers and classmates in this way.

Big B is definitely a Lego fan.  I have been pondering some Lego fun for the upcoming break, especially since I have a feeling Big B will find some Legos under the Christmas tree. 

Lego Building Challenge:  Build Nerf Targets

3.) Lego Maze (Big B did this at Lego Club and loved it!)

4.) Create Your Own Minifigure (We've done this one before, and Big B really enjoyed it!)
Blank Lego Person.  inside recess

5.) Building Challenges from Lego Club Jr. Magazine -- Big B loves getting a magazine in the mail every month.  I love that he is reading and the magazine is free.  Each issue has simple projects.  We'll go back through the past issues and pick a few projects to try.
Helpful Mom Hint: We store all the back issues in a binder with page protectors.  Big B often goes back and rereads the issues.  We also store all his Lego instruction guides the same way.  Pinterest comes through again!

We may also try some other Lego Fun Friday challenges that I found on!  Bring on Winter Break!


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  1. Legos! Tis the season! Lego Club continues on, and we've had fun looking at some different resources. We enjoy this blog as well as we are considering themes and ideas for Lego Club.