Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Pocket (#nerdlution 9)

I am a serious blog reader.  The Google Reader shutdown was a major source of panic.  Enter Feedly...practically perfect in every way.  Except one.  You can't pin from the Feedly app.  Blerg.  Combine this with my strategy of favorite-ing every tweet I wanted to read later, and a new plan was needed.  By now, I really should expect that if I am wishing for technology to do something (other than put away dishes and fold laundry), it probably already does and I just don't know about it yet.  Which brings me to Pocket.

Pocket is essentially a virtual bookshelf, letting you save articles, videos, or images to read later. It is easy to add content to Pocket. I installed the bookmarklet, but you can also e-mail the URL to your Pocket account. And...wait for it...Twitter lets you save links to Pocket for later reading! Woohoo! No more compulsive favorite-ing! The article view of Pocket is de-cluttered and clean. Since I use to Pocket to view articles, the visual appeal is important. I can mark articles as read or archive, which permanently bookmarks them. Likewise, a simple click of the trash can icon deletes an article. Tagging posts allows me to easily organize the content, an important feature for a girl who likes her closet in rainbow order. iPhone and iPad apps make it easy to read anywhere.  Pocket is like Pinterest for my professional reading (without the pressure to create crafty things or bake yummy desserts).



  1. I love that you find this stuff! Jillian just showed me Feedly tonight because I was angry at Flipboard and lamenting that I had lost all my good blog reading when Google Reader left us. Now Pocket sounds nice-because we know how I am at getting crafty and baking... :)

    1. I'm so glad that we all get excited about stuff like this! And that the blog allowed me to share it! I think Feedly is better than Flipboard if you read more than a dozen blogs (which we do). Definitely give Pocket a try!