Friday, December 27, 2013

In January...

I hope this time of the year finds you rested and refreshed.  After emerging from time to nurture family and Faith, I know it's time to reflect and reset.

As a teacher, I feel blessed to have a chance to reset a couple times a year. I reflect and reset over the summer and over winter break. I do love having this time to reflect on my classroom and personal practice.  I feel like when given this break, it's a chance to really pause and reflect on what is going on.  If needed, (and it always is) I can reset some things to make things better.

Today, I've been blessed with the opportunity to have time to think, study, and write.  And I'm thinking about 5 things to work on as we gather together in January.

1.  Eating Good Food at Lunch.  The inspiration came from an awesome family member and this link.
Simply put, I'll need to focus on what I'm shoveling in my mouth at lunch.  Instead of grabbing what is closest or ordering it to come to me, I need to slow down and take the time to eat good food at lunch time.  As a family, we don't adopt one 'way' of eating.  But this link has some good ideas for what to eat when I'm at school.

2.  Lunch Bunch.  While on the focus of lunch time, I want to spend more time hearing my student's voices.  We organized lunch bunches in my classroom a few weeks ago based on interest.  It's time to implement this interest that my students have!  This will be a good way to continue to build community in my classroom this year.  

3.  More organization on my part of the blog.  More discussion with my co-bloggers on this one.  I know for myself, instead of just posting what is on my mind randomly, I want to be more purposeful on how I'm sharing my story as a teacher.  #nerdlution has jump started the story-sharing.  Now I think it's time for more purpose in how my stories are being shared.  

4.  Documenting Technology Use in the Classroom.  I've been working on a shift to use technology authentically in my classroom this year.   I would love to document what has worked, and what hasn't.  (See number 3.) 

5.  Reader's Notebooks.  As I was getting to know my class this year, a response journal was something that I chose to put on the shelf for this first half of the year.  We have some good strategies in place now, and I can introduce this tool effectively and not haphazardly.  We will use drawings, some post-it note templates, and some writing to share the thoughts we are having while we read.  

Are you reflecting on classroom practice?  What are you considering as you head back to school in a week or so?


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