Monday, December 16, 2013

Two Common Core Resources

As we're figuring out more about the Common Core, there are two (free) resources that I'm finding helpful.

The Common Core Standards app gives quick access to CCSS.  It contains both the English-Language Arts and Math standards.  The app is well-organized and easy to navigate.  As an instructional coach, I find myself accessing it more and more as we progress with our implementation and understanding. It allows us to carefully review the standards while planning instruction or developing formative assessments.

The "honeycomb" at unpacks the K-8 math standards.  Researchers at North Carolina State University developed 18 learning trajectories that unpack the standards.  When you click on a hexagon, you can access a detailed description of the standards.  This is a resource I am still exploring.  Most recently, a few teachers and I referred to it while planning a math intervention.  First, we reread the critical areas for math from the Common Core at their grade level.  Then, by using the honeycomb, we developed assessments to identify skill deficits.  We looked at where students are expected to be and worked backwards.  From there, we created a plan for targeted instruction.  This approach was especially exciting to me, since I am a total nerd  we were focusing on place value understanding, which is critical to success in mathematics. (Caution: The honeycomb can be visually overwhelming, so it helped to use it as part of a collaboration right at the point of need.  Just sharing with staff during PD or via e-mail most likely would have flopped.)  
A piece of the honeycomb from

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