Friday, December 13, 2013

How I Keep My House Clean Enough

I'm not exactly excited about house cleaning.  But after a little stint of looking at Pinterest last year, I realized I could develop a routine for our family and it's helped.  You might have a talent for this.  I really don't.  I'm much happier with a good book or a good blog, or time with my friends and family.

Everyday:  Pick up after yourself!  Dishes.  Make your bed.

Monday:  Work on laundry, wash and change our bedding.  Clean kitchen.

Tuesday:  Vacuum house.  Clean entryway floor and kitchen floor.

Wednesday:  Clean out the car.  Tidy up the entryway where we drop our stuff at the end of everyday.  Tidy a bit in the basement.  Work on a load or two of laundry.

Thursday:  Clean bathrooms.  Work on dusting house.

Friday:  More laundry.  (1-2 loads)

Saturday:  The boys (kids) will clean their room and toy room.  We typically go to the store.  We also may work on a house project or organize something.  If we need to we catch up on chores not completed during the week.  (Which always happens).

Sunday:  Plan for the upcoming week.  Rest.

It's a family effort.  More family than me during the school year.
How do you maintain this balance, especially during the school year?


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  1. What a good idea to have a little something each day!
    I like the title!