Monday, December 16, 2013

It's The Little Things...

In the past week or so, I've really noticed how much I enjoy my oldest son's sense of humor.  To be a cliche mom, he really is growing up too fast.  We've had some really funny conversations recently, that I've just tuned into.  My top 5 favorite 9 year old quotes, in no particular order:

1.  "Mom?!?!?!?!"  (In the serious, I think for a moment he might be dying tone of voice.)  "How does Gru tell the minions apart?"

2.  "You used to let me watch that show, until it started interfering with my social skills."  (He was referring to Oobi from Nick Jr.)

3.  "Farkle is just a giant game of fact extensions."  (Thank you Everyday Mathematics.)  :)

4.  "Let's all go in a circle now and share synonyms for our behinds."  (Right after we finished an Advent devotion.  I said no and promptly began to giggle because I'm mature like that.)

5.  Me to a Peer, "I will NOT be having any more children.  I'm too old for that."  Him, "Haven't you heard of Sarah and Abraham?"   (I didn't even think he was paying attention to the conversation, and barely looked up from what he was doing.)  Well played Son, well played.

It may or may not be significant, but I wanted to capture some of that in-between stage humor.  I hope he keeps this wit and humor.  

And I promise I'll blog about school tomorrow as I dig out of this tiny writing rut.  Math.  It's on my agenda.


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