Tuesday, December 10, 2013

What I'm Still Wondering about Blogging

I've loved the #nerdlution challenge.  I love that I've chosen blogging as a challenge.  It has given me a chance to reflect on my own teaching practice.  But after 9 days of writing, I have questions I'm wondering about as I continue to share my story on this blog. Tonight, I answered my questions after sharing them, primarily because I'm reflecting on what I'm doing here in the blogging world.

1.  What causes someone to want to write on a blog?

For myself it was realizing that I thought I had a story to tell with my colleagues.  I'm also learning as we don't have time to connect everyday, I can see what is on a colleagues mind.  As I am diving more into this blog, I'm learning it allows for the kind of reflection as a teacher that I don't have during the day.  A quiet reflection that is causing me to slow down and truly think about my life as an educator.  (And wife, mother, and friend.)

2.  Do you write for yourself or for others to grow?

As a writer, I'm learning right now I need to write for myself. If I connect with others in the process, that is awesome.   But I believe right now, my writing is primarily reflective in nature.

3.  How do you decide what to write about?

I nearly didn't blog tonight.  I didn't think I had anything to say.  I waited for a story at school, but it didn't come.  I pulled out a list of ideas, and saw this title. I've also been outlining each week some stories to tell.

4.  Do you only write about school?

I will not be able to only write about school.  I can always connect to school, but as I'm striving for balance, personal stories will come out as well.

5.  How often do you blog?

While #nerdlution has encouraged me to blog everyday, I'm not sure what will happen when I settle in.

6.  Where is the time?

Right now, I'm stealing time at the beginning or end of the day.  Good times to reflect.  Some other things that are good for me have gone by the way-side as I am focusing on writing.  I will need to continue to rework the balance.

7.  As an educator, how do you share challenges and still protect your learning community?

I haven't shared much about the challenges I'm facing as an educator, because I haven't found a way to share that without compromising the privacy of my students.  Is that necessary?  What would be the purpose?  While I want to be honest, I also get an uneasy feeling when I consider sharing the challenges of my students.

8.  Do your students blog?

I'm glad I'm trying this first before I consider introducing it to my students.  However, I think my renewed focus on writing as impacted our Writer's Workshop.

9.  Did you focus on photography when you started blogging?

I could spend a ton of time thinking about capturing the right photos for the story.  It could become such an integral part of the story.

9 questions about blogging for the 9th day of #nerdlution.  Insights, thoughts and reflections are welcome here!



  1. Kendra
    These are great questions and well worth considering. I revisit these ideas from time to time, and still find blogging a powerful writing experience for myself (first) and others (second). I've been asked, if you are writing for yourself, why go public? I still struggle with that answer -- it has in part to do with my past life as a journalist, I think, and also to the understanding that maybe what I am learning about myself might resonate with others. I'm also a sucker for making connections.
    Kevin (aka @dogtrax)

    1. Thank you so much for reading our blog and thoughts. I think I might be experiencing growing pains as a writer?!? I have always known this blog would just be about sharing our stories, but I'm starting to struggle with if my stories are significant enough to share. Immediately, I swing back to I'm writing to be reflective, and that is happening. So the writing must be a success if being a more reflective educator is my benchmark. I've only known the life of an educator, so I'm learning how to tell my story in this public setting, but believe if I can connect and resonate with others, then I've done something worthwhile. Thanks again for connecting. Long live #nerdlution. :)

  2. Just lingering on your blog. I have to say I'm right there with you wondering why and what should be the purpose of blogging. Right now, I believe in the process and that it will be in flux as we grow as writers. Glad to have found you in the #nerdlution community