Friday, December 20, 2013

Late Starts and Missing Time

2 things before I jump in to sharing my thoughts.

1.  I'm happy to have a 2 hour weather delay this morning.  This has been a gift of time to get some writing in.  #nerdlution!

12 Hours Later...(No Joke)

The funny part is, after my kids woke up, I went about my morning, and then  I went to school.  I'm not sure what really happened from there.  I sat down and this post was started with point number one typed up and looking ready to take on the day.

It was a busy day.  It was an awesome day.  I was able to enjoy my students.  We had a great time.

15 hours later...Still not Joking

I'm working on our house to prepare it for the holidays.
I've come to peace with the fact that #nerdlution may halt for a couple of days while I focus on family I don't see very often.

I have to stop forcing this blog post to happen.  :)  See you in the morning...

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