Saturday, December 14, 2013

How I Feed My Family

Blogging Warning:  If you are looking for recipes. or have a strong food preference, this blog post might not be for you.  Just sharing a bit of my personal story today.  

Food is another area in our lives as a family that we have developed a routine for.  I love to cook.  I love food.

A few years ago, our youngest son was diagnosed with some food allergies and a thing with his esophagus. (Another story for another day maybe.)  With that came some adjustments and a new way of cooking dinner.  The short story is, I tend to cook by theme, more than just  by one dish.  For example, if it's sandwich night, everyone gets a sandwich that they will enjoy.  When we cook by 'theme', we can tailor food how we need to without a lot of extra prep and work. The youngest one has really taken a liking to helping in the kitchen, which has helped his appetite and joy for food!  It works for us.

Monday:  Sandwiches/wraps

Tuesday:  Salads/Kid Fare (corn dogs, chicken nuggets, sliders, etc.)

Wednesday:  Tacos/nachos

Thursday:  Pasta/noodles

Friday:  Pizza

Saturday:  A new recipe

Sunday:  Soup/Crockpot

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